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Here is How Our Patients Smile Now!

Permanent Dental Implants



Live Better, Smile Bigger.

Fixed Teeth In One Day

All-On-4 Dental Implants


What is the cost of dental implants with Zirkor?


Snap-On Dentures

Limited Time Offer 

The Snap-On Denture system (AKA: Overdentures) is a unique denture alternative that stabilizes dentures immediately after treatment and will allow for long-term stability. Don't settle for Dentures. 




All-On-4 Dental Implants

Limited Time Offer 

The Hybrid Full Dental Implant System is an acrylic--based final restoration that is strong, beautiful and resembles the feel of a natural smile with similar strength to natural teeth.




Zirkor All-On-6 Dental Implants

Limited Time Offer

The Zirkor Dental Implant Restoration is a fully contoured monolithic (one--piece) Zirconia Bridge allowing for maximum function and aesthetics. Does not stain, scratch or fracture with time.



You changed my life. I am smiling so much! I feel 30 years younger! Thank you for giving me a chance.

Ruth M.


From the moment you walk in to the moment you receive your final bridge you are treated like royalty. 

Jessica T.


Board-Certified Dentist

Dr. Osafi is the inventor of the Zirkor Dental Implant System. He developed this system to help more patients comfortably achieve beautiful long-lasting smiles at an affordable price.

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Dr. Javid Osafi is a dual-certified dentist in Implant surgery and board-certified pediatric dentistry.

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Why does the Zirkor Process work?

The Zirkor Dental Implant Process is a fully digital process that reduces the number of visits required to transform infected, broken down teeth and gums and convert them into the most beautiful, stable, long-lasting restoration in ONE short visit. Natural healing is what we are able to utilize in the Zirkor process. This process was invented for the comfort of the patient and for longevity. To learn more, schedule a Free Consultation wth the Doctor who invented this system.

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