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Dental Implant Process


The Zirkor Difference

Imagine a system made for the convenience of the patient. With the most advanced systems in dentistry the Zirkor Dental Implant Process allows us to transform your smile in just ONE VISIT using dental implants, prosthetics and digital CAD/CAM technology. Delivering predictable results each and every time is what the Zirkor Dental Process was designed for. We are transforming smiles each and every day, motivating people to be the best of themselves, changing lives and giving the confidence to smile again.

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Zirkor Dental Implant Process


The consultation includes a visit to discuss the patients cometic and functional needs. Listening to the patients history allows to help create the best, long-lasting restoration that is made custom for them. Every restoration is made specifically for the patient's needs.

One-Day Surgery

The surgery happens in less than 4 hours where any infected, decayed teeth are removed, dental implants are placed using computer precision and a beautiful set of temporary teeth are set


A temporary is delivered on the day of surgery that is made of strong PMMA acrylic and will last for the duration of healing (3 months) until the final Zirkor bridge can be delivered. The Zirkor bridge is made for you with the ultimate cosmetics in mind.


Minimalist Positive Four Step Process So
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